Web Marketing

For your website to be successful , you need to attract a sufficient number of people who are intersted in your services and products and you need to encourage your visitors to take action--such as buying a product, contacting you or signing up for your newsletter.

In a nutshell, this process is called web marketing. Search engine optimization, link building, and other online tools are designed to bring people to your site.

Getting visitors to take action once on your site requires atractive web design that represents your core values, clean and relevant content, and a level of usability that encourages exploration and enhances trust.

Visitor activity is measured through web analytics--an important aspect of your web design.

At EHM Studios, our goal is to determine where you should invest your resources to get the best results for your business that will provide you:

We will examine the strengths and weakenesses of your current web site or design a site if one does not exist, talk about your goals and budget, and research your competition.

Based on the outcome of this initial consultation, we will present a proposal that incorporates a mixture of our services to optimize your web presence on the internet.