Web Planning Guide

During our initial consultation, we will address all the areas that correspond to your website.

Goals for your Website

Goals can vary depending on the type of your business and your needs for an online presence. Options may include:

Websites that you like

There are infinite design choices. The best place to start is with websites you like in your line of business. By selecting a few sites that peak your interest, the time we spend on design is more economical saving you investment dollars.

Domain Name

If you don’t have a domain, we can help you determine the best domain name for your site and offer recommendations as to where to research names using reliable and affordable domain registrar sites.

Logos and Graphics

A good personal logo and interesting graphics can go a long way in terms of developing personal branding and conveying your services and products more succinctly. We can incorporate your current images and logos or help you design new ones if needed.

Site Map Development

We will recommend a simple outline to start with that includes roughly five basic pages. From there, we will help you determine the best way to grow your site content.

Future Maintenance

Based on the purpose of your site, we will help you define what your expectations are regarding site maintenance and updating. Will you be updating your site once a month? Do you want to do this yourself or have the service outsourced? The answers to these questions will factor into the web design.