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EHM Studios

We specialize in professional web design, web marketing, SEO, and web development for small businesses. EHM Studios will be your partner through each phase whether your a building a new site or refurbishing and existing site. We can assist in all phases of development including design, implementation, maintenance and planning strategies.

Betsy McNair

Graduate from Boston University's Center for Digital and Imaging Arts

MBA from Northeastern University

Hello. My name is Betsy and I am a graphic and web designer and developer. For the past ten years, I enjoyed working with healthcare data as a manager, consultant and programmer/analyst. I became extremely facile at managing large data sets, data mining, and presenting meaningful results in report formats.

Last year, it became time to try something new. Being both technical and creative, I have always been interested in web design and development. I have always been intrigued with photoshop, dreamweaver, illustrator and more and so I decided to switch gears a bit. I am pleased to say that I just graduated from Boston University’s graphic and web design and development program.

I am very comfortable with both design and development. I also enjoy working with content management systems like Wordpress to create websites.

I like working with clients on a consulting basis to develop the best web solution for you. For all the reasons above, I started EHM Studios as a way to empower people and small businesses by creating a websites and exchanging information along the way that helps clients better understand the whole arena of websites. It’s far more complex than it was even ten years ago. Here are my skills in a nutshell.

  • Expertise in HTML, CSS3, JQuery, PHP, mySQL
  • Facile in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash.
  • Strong database analytic skills.
  • Keen eye for clean user interface design and excellent attention to detail.
  • Excellent Web Marketing skillset (newsletters, SEO, and Google Analytics).
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Responsible business partner.

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