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Waltham Philharmonic Orchestra

This is a complete site redesign for our client, Ray McDaniels of the Waltham Philharmonic Orchestra. We worked with Ray during the practicum module at CDIA. We converted the site into a fully-content management system using Wordpress. We also redesigned the look and feel and made it accessible by mobile devices.

Applications: HTML, CSS, Jquery, PHP, Wordpress


Slide: Waltham Philharmonic Orchestra - Home Page Slide: Waltham Philharmonic Orchestra - Orchestra Slide: Waltham Philharmonic Orchestra - Rehearsal Slide: Waltham Philharmonic Orchestra - Tickets

Howie Tarnower

This is a concept website design for musician, Howie Tarnower. It was meant to be a simple site whereby users could see Howie's lesson schedule and performance list. The site was developed using PHP templating. The site also focuses on innovative styles for navigation.

Applications: HTML, CSS, Jquery, PHP, mySQL


Slide: Howie Tarnower - Home Page Slide: Howie Tarnower - Tour Schedule Slide: Howie Tarnower - Classes Slide: Howie Tarnower - Contact Slide: Howie Tarnower - Video

Shopping List

This is an interactive shopping list, featuring log-in and registration capabilities. Users can add, delete and edit their entries and see a running total. They can change their user account information and see other people's list with whom they have agreed to share information.

Applications: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, mySQL


Slide: Shopping List - Login Slide: Shopping List - Shared Lists Slide: Shopping List - List Slide: Shopping List - Login Fail

To Do List

This is a concept design for an interactive to do list. Users first log in whereby they can see their to do list. They can add, delete and edit their entries. They can also see their list color-coded by category.

Applications: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, mySQL, AJAX


Slide: To Do List - Log In Slide: To Do List - Edit Slide: To Do List - Categories Slide: To Do List - List

Betsy's Model Horses

This is a concept design for an interactive e-commerce site. Users are able to sort through products, add to a shopping cart, and go to a check-out page. Here, users can update quantities, remove items, see the total and add shipping to their order. Users can also go to a store page to see where models are sold locally via a web-service application and search the site for existing models.

Applications: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, mySQL, AJAX


Slide: Model Horses - List Slide: Model Horses - Checkout Slide: Model Horses - Stores

Cushman Bakeries

Cushman Bakeries originated in New York City and later moved to Portland, Maine and opened business in 1915. The company delivered fresh baked goods directly to the home by horse-drawn carriages. This webs site is a concept design whereby people could place their order on-line and receive their bagels according to their order schedule.

Applications: HTML, CSS, Javascript

Website: Not Available

Slide: Cushman Bakeries - Home Page Slide: Cushman Bakeries - About Slide: Cushman Bakeries - Order